The adventure began in a loft in Buenos Aires. We have been partners for 25 years.


We have also been friends, allies and each other’s sidekick all throughout. Each of us has a different set of professional skills, interests and experiences that we merge with what has always been there for the three of us: a common work energy, courage, vision and commitment to give value to what we do and make it flourish.

At URBAN, we thrived personally and professionally. We started our families, raised our children, and challenged ourselves and the people we teamed up with, creating a work culture of our own.

The market has come to know our style as “the URBAN way” and “the URBAN school”—the shaping of passionate and curious professionals, by way of a unique communication formula created by design, aimed at pushing the role of communication to the next level.

URBAN was born in the 90s as a press agency specialized in music, lifestyle and entertainment, where we developed a genuine talent for relationship building. This unique, creative, diverse and disruptive know-how is in our DNA, which rapidly conquered the world of brands and corporations and, above all, of people, forging bonds of trust across time in the different geographies where we continue expanding.

Many years ago, we opened our doors to Sol, Kiki, Leo and an incredible group of talents who continue fueling the spark of magic we created long ago.